Post Planner | How does Post Planner work?

By | February 16, 2022

If you want to know what a post planner is? And post planner pricing. Then this post will be most effective for you, so keep reading and be patient till the end. It’s good to know that Post Planner is a cloud-based social engagement solution for medium, small and large businesses.

What is Post Planner?

 Generally,Post Planner helps users to measure and predict the engagement of social media activities on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others. Not only this, with the help of Post Planner you can find quality content, create posts, publish calendars and manage sales.

Another interesting aspect of Post Planner is that it allows its users to add Twitter, Facebook and Instagram hashtags or blogs to their social feeds. They then drag photos and articles from those feeds and rate the content based on engagement (is it interesting that). Users, on the other hand, are able to organize their social feeds based on engagement ratings.

That’s why researchers say post planners allow them to store content in a central location and re-post executable content through automated tools, which saves user time as well as simplifies tasks.

It is accessible on laptops, desktop computers, and smartphones and is offered at a subscription price that is within the reach of everyone. Also Post Planner is available worldwide and supports 12 international languages. If You want to be a user of them, so there is more for you. Significantly, support for online submission of lawsuits can be provided via email. Other options include a media kit and user guide.

Let’s take a brief look at the post planner pricing at this stage

Post Planner pricing

Post Planner | How does Post Planner work?

Pro: Free for life

Love: From just $ 7 per month

Guru: From only $ 15 per month

Master: From just $ 39 per month

Agency: Only $ 79 per month

Starting price:

Here at least your budget should be $ 7.00 per month since it is $ 7.00 per month

Here you will get free trial because there is no free option

Interestingly, get the free version

Let’s take a brief look at all the plans involved at a glance,

All plans included

  • Top 5 social networks
  • Evergreen posts are reusable
  • Social tagging and referrals
  • Bulk upload via CSV file
  • Automatic posting calendar
  • Live post preview
  • Useful posts per network
  • 20,000+ inspirational quotes
  • Post analysis
  • Media Library

Hopefully, you already know about Post Planner. And got a rough idea of ​​its price plan. Let’s get back to the basics. That is, how does Post Planner work? Find out the answer,

How does Post Planner work?

  1. Automatic posting – 2. Increase engagement – 3. Optimize your brand.

Automatic post

First you have to set the plan (although many forget it). Add a post with just one click to set up your plan. Then fill in your queue with catchy content. In this case, you do not have to worry about time. Because it’s automatic!

Boost reach without any extra work

You can recycle your post if you want! However, always try to republish your best evergreen content automatically. Then it reaches more followers when you sleep.

Create network-optimized content

Since it publishes posts automatically, you don’t have to worry about post publishing (it is interesting that). Interestingly, here gives you a chance to see a live preview as soon as you create the post!

Tap the contents into a firehouse

Post Planner filters content from Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, everywhere! So it will always give you the best thing. And to keep you scheduled for the next post then postplanner auto post. Will do

Organize your branded content

Since it allows one-click sharing. So always organize your pictures, videos and gifs beforehand. You do not have enough time to do this, but you can invite team members to cooperate.

Stop working so hard!

The best plan is to use it to reduce the time you spend posting by 92% and double your followers.

FAQ: Post Planner

Post Planner | How does Post Planner work?

Do you offer a free trial?

Definitely. You can get all the payment plans with 7 days free trial here

If I need help, how can I get support?

Since it’s quick and easy! So you need to see their help center first. In this case, if you have any questions, you can send an email to [email protected] for quick response.

What does a post planner do?

You already know that it’s like having a team of social media experts to suit your needs. Interestingly, Post Planner’s app will be the best for you to increase the engagement and number of followers of your post. Similarly, this post planner helps you find and schedule the best-performing social media content.

What does my membership include?

If you have a question that includes my membership? However, the answer is a bit complicated. Because it depends on the plan you choose. Plus, you know that Post Planner is great for helping you find and schedule the best-performing social media content, and upload a library of your own content.

Likewise Post Planner is best for publishing. However, you can quickly align posts when you go to set up a post schedule Then you will be able to manage your scheduled posts from their dashboard (is it interesting that). All in all, this is an analysis of the best performers and can re-post on the other hand

How do I know which plan is best for me?

Their main plans are for beginners, soloists and business owners. So you can notice the main differences between their plans, how many posts you can publish each day, how many posts you can post on social accounts, the number of posts in your queue, and the kind of content you can access to post.

Can I manage a team with Post Planner?

Yes, You can manage a team with Post Planner. In this case, if you have a business plan (4 team members in total) or higher (up to 25 members in total), you should add team members (but you will get the job done and save time as well). Interestingly, you’ll be happy to learn more about the number of users, including the account owner / administrator.

Can I change my plan?

You can change your plan. But you have to remember that you will be proportioned for the time you have already paid. Then you can upgrade or downgrade at any time (is it interesting that).

What are my payment options?

You can pay monthly or annually to Post Planner (for a lower monthly price). Also, Post Planner prefers to pay you by credit card. If possible, pay by credit card. On the other hand, they also accept payments for their annual plans through PayPal. Please contact [email protected] for details.

What if I want to cancel?

If such a question arises then I can assume you have a problem. But there is no need to worry. Because here you can cancel at any time. In that case you need to send them an email. You can see their cancellation policy on their website.

Do you get offer a refund guarantee?

You get a refund offer. All plans on the other hand are backed by their 100% satisfaction guarantee. After all, if you are dissatisfied within the first 7 days of the end of your free trial, it will refund your money.

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